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The initial home, built in the late 70’s, included a 2-story greenhouse along the entire south side.


Over the years, both the home and greenhouse have seen several major expansions.

The latest is the transition into The Greenhouse at Driftwood, an event space to host private parties of large and small, casual and elegant.


The entrance to the space is through a three-story, tropical greenhouse filled with rainforest plants including cycads, palms, orchids and bromeliads. The adjacent greenhouse, with a desert climate, houses cycads, cacti, aloes, succulents, and pachypodia. 


Each plant was carefully chosen and planted with care. Some specimens were grown from seed and lovingly tended over the past decades, growing into the mature plants seen today. The owners have a keen interest in cycads, a group of primitive palm-like plants related to ferns. These prehistoric, exceptionally slow growing plants are mostly concentrated in the equatorial regions of the globe. An estimated 300-400 species of these “living fossils” remain in existence in the wild today.


Presently, there are about 70 different species planted in the ground in the greenhouses.

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